Grading Killarney, MB


A perfect yard, like any project, begins with a perfect base. Without a levelled site, your yard can quickly become problematic and in need of multiple repairs. Making sure your ground is level is not only important for visuals, it is imperative for proper drainage, grass and plant growth, as well as any future landscaping or hardscaping projects. Having a level foundation ensures that drainage goes where it’s supposed to. It doesn’t stay still in the soil, drowning all your greenery and it doesn’t leak back towards your house causing thousands of dollars in foundation repair.

A site grading may even be necessary for a yard redesign if you are considering one. An older house’s land may have settled, leaving it uneven or may have been built on a piece of land that was never levelled properly. Proper site levelling and grading are an important job that is very difficult to do on your own, especially without the proper tools. Pugh's Sand & Gravel Ltd has over 36 years of experience.